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Re: Bonding

Posted by Cheryl on 8/29/06
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    > Help, is there anything I can do or will be ultimately bond
    > with her and get meaner to me.

    He won;t get *meaner* to you, but he has chosen your mom as
    his *mate*...Nothing you can do about that, and since he is
    an adult bird, it is doubtful that will ever change.

    I had the same relationship with the Blue Headed Pionus I
    had...We had her from the time she had jsut weaned, in fact I
    still supplemented her with spoon feedings for a couple weeks
    after we brought her home...Did everything for her...Hubby is
    not a *bird person* but she fell head over heels for him
    anyway...She layed an entire clutch of eggs for him, and as
    long as he was in the room, would fight to the death for
    him...She'd latch her beak onto my and not let go, drawing
    blood...That was when I was too stupid to heed her warning
    signals, which, thank goodness, are very clear, seeing as
    Pionus are cousins to the Amazon, who also has extremely
    clear *keep the heck away from me* signals...

    She was fine to me if he was at work, or at least out of the
    room...She was also a *shoulder bird* (my mistake) who was
    not trained, so she was one of those who it would take an
    hour of chasing to catch while she'd run from one side of my
    neck/back to the other...That bird was the last time I ever
    made that mistake of allowing a bird to climb up onto my
    shoulder on their own. In any case, there isn't much you can
    do at this point, once a bird makes up his mind...It is just