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Re: Bonding

Posted by Cheryl on 8/29/06
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    On 8/29/06, Cheryl wrote:
    >> Help, is there anything I can do or will be ultimately bond
    >> with her and get meaner to me.
    Just a couple things I wanted to add to my last reply. You can
    get a travel carrier if you don't have one already, and take
    the bird on fun outtings like car rides WITHOUT your mom...Just
    you and the bird, and also you can be the only one who offers
    the bird his very favorite treat...

    You an also be the only one who *rescues* the bird from the
    floor when he ends up on the floor. You can get a shower perch
    and be the one who takes the bird into the shower with
    you...Act animated during the shower time, singing, acting
    silly, who you both get soaked!

    The thing NOT to do is to get your feelings hurt (I know, very
    hard to do, but remember that this is just natural bonding
    behavior...and so don't end up pulling back, ultimately having
    NO relationship with the bird at all, unless that woudl be OK
    with you.

    Best of luck!