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Post: He's bonded

Posted by Aly on 8/31/06

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    Thanks so much everyone !! Update once again and he
    definetly has made it clear he wants my mother and not me.
    I could still hold him just not touch but my mom could do
    anything. Well, he has gotten extremely cage aggressive
    with me since he has been with my mom more. I havn't given
    up but this morning he tried to bite me and yesturday I was
    going to clean his cage and I could not even open the door
    he was so aggressive. I'm not afraid of him nor giving off
    vibes; I really wanted to get him to the point of
    tolerating me but I don't see this happening. He hasn't
    gotten possessive over my mom but were not taking any
    chances of him getting one of the family while he is with
    her. Just taking precautions but he definetly isn't
    pleased about me trying to sweet talk him. I can still
    give him foods. Thanks for everything!!

    My questions is: after him getting worse now should I still
    try or give up and continue to work with him safetly
    (giving foods etc). ???? I fell he "now" is to the point
    of biting me if given the chance. He follows my mom when
    she leaves the room (once she puts him back and tells him
    to stay he does - then she walks by and he is off again).

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