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Re: He's bonded

Posted by Cheryl on 8/31/06
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    and yesturday I was
    > going to clean his cage and I could not even open the door
    > he was so aggressive. I'm not afraid of him nor giving off
    > vibes;

    ****You said that you "couldn't even open the door he was so
    agressive" so obviously, you ARE afraid of him and he is
    sensing it****

    I can still
    > give him foods. Thanks for everything!!

    ****If he still takes foods from you, and lets you hold him,
    just not "pet" him, then by all means, keep doing what he
    tolerates you doing! His loyalty to mom won't change***
    > My questions is: after him getting worse now should I still
    > try or give up and continue to work with him safetly
    > (giving foods etc). ???? I fell he "now" is to the point
    > of biting me if given the chance.

    ****Use a towel over your hand to remove him from his cage,
    adn work with him AWAY from your mother, in a small and quiet
    room with the door closed, and like I said, take him for car
    rides and share special time with him alone. (car rides
    safely in a carrier, of course)****