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Re: Sick Senegal

Posted by Toby's Mom on 10/15/06
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    Also, I'd make sure she has the most comfortable perches
    possible ... no concrete nail trimmer type perches.

    Hope she's feeling better soon.

    On 10/15/06, Summer wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Yes, my vet us an avian. I've been going to this vet for many
    > of years. He also treats my dogs.
    > I question the vet when he told me to apply this ointment to
    > her feet twice a day.He said it would be ok for her. and that
    > must apply a very thin layer.
    > It's very stressful to watch her suffer like that...She's
    > eating and some times she has some good moments that she's not
    > biting them...This makes me think she's getting better...But
    > when I think that.She goes right back to biting them. and she
    > does not stay still. she lands on the bottom of her cage.
    > Tomorrow. ( 10-16 ) will be one week that she has been like
    > Thank You Cheryl...I will be one happy person when she gets to
    > feeling better
    > On 10/15/06, Cheryl wrote:
    >> Like I said, I had her for 16
    >>> years and she has never been sick like this....Thank you!
    >> I have not had this type of experience, but I jut wanted to
    >> send my thoughts to you and your bird and the hope that he
    >> feels better soon!
    >> One thought...Is your vet and Avian vet? I am not sure about
    >> putting anything with medication of any sort onto the feet
    >> topically, as when the bird "picks" it could be ingested.
    >> Maybe there is something natural with heeling properties that
    >> could be used instead? I'd maybe seek another opinion?
    >> Just a thought. Good luck, and let us know how it's going.
    >> Cheryl