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Re: Sick Senegal

Posted by Cheryl on 10/16/06
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    On 10/16/06, Summer wrote:
    > Fran
    > I will call him today while I am at work and ask him if that can be
    > done...I do love her. and I want the best for her..It's just so hard to
    > watch her suffer like that...I know shes not sleeping well.
    > Thank you for your suggestion

    I'd suggest seeking the opinion of another Avian Vet before makign a
    decision to do anything that drastic. This vet just might not have her on
    the proper stuff to help her problem. Could she have mites or something
    like that? Did the vet do a scraping or anything?

    I have personally had to seek the opinions of more than 1 Avian vet to
    get to the bottom of a problem, and sometimes, even the vet you have been
    with for quite awhile can be missing somethign that another one may be
    totally familar with!

    I agree with the poster who suggested some sort of birdie valium or
    something like that, to give the feet time to heel a little...With a
    sedative, maybe the bird will allow a birdie collar to prevent physical

    Please keep us posted...We do care!

    Good luck!