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Re: Sick Senegal

Posted by Summer on 10/16/06
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    On 10/16/06, Cheryl wrote: Hi Cheryl..I did call the vets today and asked
    him for some time of sedative..He said he will explain more to me when I
    get there after work this evening....I just came home to check on her on my
    lunch hour...And fixed her some fresh vegetables.
    When I had her to the vets last monday. Yes, he took samples of her stools.
    did a culture and the scraping..He ran test on all of them and told me it
    was a bacteria...I will see what shes like in the next few days after
    getting a small sedative..If shes not any better I will check into another
    avian...Thanks Cheryl
    > On 10/16/06, Summer wrote:
    >> Fran
    >> I will call him today while I am at work and ask him if that can be
    >> done...I do love her. and I want the best for her..It's just so hard to
    >> watch her suffer like that...I know shes not sleeping well.
    >> Thank you for your suggestion
    > I'd suggest seeking the opinion of another Avian Vet before makign a
    > decision to do anything that drastic. This vet just might not have her on
    > the proper stuff to help her problem. Could she have mites or something
    > like that? Did the vet do a scraping or anything?
    > I have personally had to seek the opinions of more than 1 Avian vet to
    > get to the bottom of a problem, and sometimes, even the vet you have been
    > with for quite awhile can be missing somethign that another one may be
    > totally familar with!
    > I agree with the poster who suggested some sort of birdie valium or
    > something like that, to give the feet time to heel a little...With a
    > sedative, maybe the bird will allow a birdie collar to prevent physical
    > picking?
    > Please keep us posted...We do care!
    > Good luck!
    > Cheryl