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Re: Sick Senegal

Posted by Summer.Too. Cheryl,Toby, Fran on 10/18/06
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    I just wanted to give you an update on Ceira's condition.
    After taking her back to the Vets on Monday (10-16)..I was
    sent home a mild sedative..The frist night It didnt seem to
    work. As I feel Im not getting her to take her meds well..She
    is hard to handle. Mainly the fear for me is holding her the
    wrong way...or doing more harm to her then good...This
    morning I got her from her cage and she said " Hi, Kiss ME! "
    Those were her first two words she has said with in the last
    few weeks of her being sick...That made me smile..She is
    still twitching with her feet. But not as much as she
    was..Now my problem is getting her to eat her vegetables and
    fruit. She has been only eating her apples. This morning I
    gave her some kidney beans and oatmeal. She ate one bean and
    went for the oatmeal..I will keep trying more things on her
    through the day...I took another day off from work to be with
    her...My boss is not happy..But oh WELL....My animals are my
    I want to thank all three of you for your suggestions.

    Thank You

    Summer and Ceira

    On 10/14/06, Summer wrote:
    > I have a senegal..I've had her for 16 years...Just last
    > week I came home from work and noticed she was not on her
    > play stand as usual when I come home from work...I found
    > her and picked her up...and Noticed she was not doing
    > well..Her feet were raw. and she was nipping at them,
    > drawing blood.I called the vets and took her in for an
    > emergency care..He said, she had a bacteria and I was sent
    > home with some anti-botic ( bay trill ) and an antiseptic
    > cream for her feet.Her stools were liquid and She had fluid
    > coming out of her beek....It's now been 5 days sense she
    > has been on the medication. Which is given to her twice a
    > day...I see changes in her. She's eating and talking...But
    > still has problems with her feet..She keep biting them and
    > making the bleed....I called the vets back to see if there
    > was something different we could do for her..He said to
    > give it time. That her feet were raw...Well, her feet are
    > not improving at all...has any one had problems with there
    > senegal like this before?....Like I said, I had her for 16
    > years and she has never been sick like this....Thank you!