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Re: Sick Senegal

Posted by Summer on 10/23/06
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    Hi Fran

    Just to let you know our pet stores here do not carry those...So, I
    went on the link you suggested..Thank you!
    Ceira is doing better...she still has problems with her feet...She
    keeps twitching them. Also biting them every once in a while.
    I put her back on the sedative after taking her off that after the
    first two day...I'm hoping this will make a change for her

    Have a great week!

    Thanks again to all of you!
    On 10/19/06, Fran wrote:
    > Hi Summer, here is a link to a bird/store Avian Vet where I buy a
    > lot of supplies. You may want to call their 800 number and see how
    > long it will take to get it shipped to you. If you find Ciera is
    > chewing on it you may want to remove it. I'm not sure how the
    > chemicals in the plastic would respond. (my birds don't chew it).
    > You may want to ask Birdie Boutique when you call. Let me know how
    > it goes. Fran