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Re: Meyers Parrots.

Posted by Cheryl on 10/25/06
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    On 10/24/06, Donna wrote:
    > Sadie, my Meyers Parrot is about 6 months old. He/she is
    > a joy. My question is this. When will he/she get he
    > yellow plumage on her head? And, how do you train them
    > not to jump/off your shoulder. I have Sadies wings
    > clipped so she can't do a 'great escape'. She goes many
    > places with me and throughly loves a car ride. Just wish
    > I could keep her on my shoulder when out and about and in
    > the house. Thanks,
    > Donna and Sadie
    > Mesa, Arizona

    Welcome Donna and Sadie!
    As far as I know, the yellow plumage (ot lack thereof) is
    based on the subspecies of Meyers...? Has she had her first
    molt yet?

    As far as your question about keeping her on your shoulder,
    PLEASE do not think that she cannot take off, get injured or
    worse, or get lost, never to be found again, just because her
    wings are clipped. Accidents happen...A loud noise could
    startle her while out on your shoulder...She could bolt and
    end up somewhere you cannot reach her, or she could end up
    under the tire of a car...A cat/dog could get her. A strong
    wind could blow unexpectedly, and she could get carried off.
    I am not saying these things to scare you...But I have
    personally known these things to happen. It's great that you
    take Sadie out for rides and to do fun things, but when
    outside of the home, I'd strongly suggest bringing her along
    inside of some sort of safe carrier.

    Just my .02...