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Re: Meyers Parrots.

Posted by Cheryl on 11/01/06
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    >> Sorry, I forgot to ask, since it sounds like Sadie enjoys your
    >> shoulder often, is she trained to consistantly step up from
    >> your shoulder whenever asked to do so?
    > Or you could get her used to wearing a harness. There are a few
    > different kinds out there that have leashes attached. If she
    > will wear them. Some birds won't. Also, are you sure you want to
    > have her on your shoulder? Most vets and breeders I know do not
    > recommend it. I don't let any of my birds on my shoulder because
    > you have less control that way.

    That was my reason for askign if the bird was trained to
    consistantly step up, even from a shoulder. If the bird IS, then
    things should be fine. If the bird is not, that is when problems
    usually occur, because you end up "chasing" the bird around yoru
    shoulders, the bird running from shoulder to shoulder and down your
    back...The bird becomes dominant and will end up with very
    undesireable behaviors over a period of time...