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Re: Meyers Parrots.

Posted by Sally Scheer on 11/20/06
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    On 11/01/06, Cheryl wrote:
    >>> Sorry, I forgot to ask, since it sounds like Sadie enjoys your
    >>> shoulder often, is she trained to consistantly step up from
    >>> your shoulder whenever asked to do so?
    >> Or you could get her used to wearing a harness. There are a few
    >> different kinds out there that have leashes attached. If she
    >> will wear them. Some birds won't. Also, are you sure you want to
    >> have her on your shoulder? Most vets and breeders I know do not
    >> recommend it. I don't let any of my birds on my shoulder because
    >> you have less control that way.
    > That was my reason for askign if the bird was trained to
    > consistantly step up, even from a shoulder. If the bird IS, then
    > things should be fine. If the bird is not, that is when problems
    > usually occur, because you end up "chasing" the bird around yoru
    > shoulders, the bird running from shoulder to shoulder and down your
    > back...The bird becomes dominant and will end up with very
    > undesireable behaviors over a period of time...

    ...yes, absolutely, be sure your precious one is trained to step-up from your shoulder at
    your command! I find that a Meyer's parrot is not pleased to be still once on your
    body...don't know if age changes this or not...but, mine wants to run all over my body &
    get off onto chairs, counters, whatever is around Senegal (on the other hand) is
    an excellent shoulder bird...and, as for the yellow head...both of my Meyer's parrots
    took at least a year to start getting yellow...