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Post: my senegal hates water

Posted by Deb on 11/03/06

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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you had any ideas.... my
    senegal hates to have a shower. I have tried misting, a
    bowl of water in the bottom of her cage, and having her on
    a perch in the shower while I'm in there. She does nothing
    except look at me like I'm nuts. But yet, she will put her
    head in her water dish, pick it up and shake her head
    around throwing water everywhere. If I see her doing this I
    then try the showering ideas. So Basically, she washes from
    the cheeks up and isn't too concerned about the rest. With
    our other two birds, one is a shower nut and the other
    loves to have a bath in the sink. My senegal has watched
    while this is going on, and again, looks at us like "this
    isn't right". I would love to hear any ideas you
    may have. Thanks

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