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Re: Senegal screams alot now

Posted by Heather on 8/24/04
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    On 8/11/04, Geralyn wrote:
    > Hi, My senegal, Ciello, never used to scream much, just
    > chat, whistle and click. but now, even when we're in the
    > room, he's screeching to the point where we have to put him
    > away. nothing seems wrong physically and he's quite loving
    > and preening with both of us, but the screaming is really
    > unbearable. he's about 3 years old.
    > any ideas?
    > thanks,
    > Geralyn

    I have a 5 month old Senegal named Hula. She started doing
    the screaming thing as soon as I left the room. My husband
    says shes a spoiled rotten brat! I put a mirror in her cage,
    (I always thought that was a no no with parrots!) and she is
    so busy admiring herself and singing she has totally
    forgotten about screaming. There has been no signs of
    agression as you may find when you give a mirror to an
    amazon or bigger bird.-Heather