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Re: Disposition of femal vs. male Red Belly

Posted by Cheryl on 1/18/07
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    On 1/16/07, Wanda wrote:
    > First, I'd like to thank you all for responding to my
    > email. I was told today that I can put a deposit on a
    > bird. I'm excited! I'm a bit confused now. I was told by
    > another breeder that female Red Bellies have a temperment
    > that is more calm than the male. This breeder has been in
    > the business for 28 years, and she works at a university.
    > Although she has great credentials, I wanted to get more
    > opinions. I want a male because of the coloring. I will be
    > a first time bird owner, so I don't need any added
    > challenges. Please share your thoughts on the subject.

    Hi Wanda.

    I, too, wanted a male Red Belly because of the coloring. I
    found some Red Bellies that were 3 months old. I handled
    them adn picked the one who just melted into my chest, very
    laid back, and very calm. The bird had the male coloring and
    it hadn't occured to me that that may not be the case after
    the first molt...
    In any case, I bought the bird, thinking it was male. I was
    wrong. Out came the beautiful orange and in came the greyish
    color of the females. All was fine at that point, since I
    had already fallen in love with the baby, and at that point,
    didn't care what the bird looked like! This bird is the most
    wonderful bird I could have ever hoped to share my home
    with. She has never ever given me an ounce of grief! She
    has never even attempted to bite...Mind you, I do a lot of
    training from day one, VERY important.
    She is an absolute doll, the sweetest and most even tempered
    parrot I have even had the pleasure of knowing. Nothing puts
    her in a bad mood...You can move furniture around, wear
    bright nail polish after never wearing any, come in with a
    hat on after never wearing one, glasses, etc...and NOTHING
    bothers her...she will always step right up and be very
    loving. She adores being handled. She has never had a bad
    day, and yes, she is an adult. She always eats whatever
    healthy stuff I give her, loves broccoli, beans, pasta,
    turkey, potatoes, fruit, everything...Please choose based on
    personality and not just on color.
    Best of luck, and please keep me posted!