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Re: Sweet Meyers turned Psycho

Posted by Cheryl on 2/27/07
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    On 2/26/07, christine Bass wrote:
    > My Meyers parrot,Clara, has recently turned mean. I can no
    > longer handle her without her biting. She(could be a he)
    > has become very aggressive and I need some advice.

    How old is Clara? If she is a few years old, she has
    probably just become sexually mature. Please do not stop
    working with her at this stage. You need to continue
    handling her and enforcing the "step up" work, taking her out
    of her cage for play time, etc.

    Keep both wings clipped, and check them often to make sure
    they remain that way. Do not give her too much freedom as
    far as makign her own choices, like do not leave the cage
    door open...Take her out when YOU take her out, etc...

    Birds don't turn "mean", they grow up, as nature intended.