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Posted by ~Peggy in PA on 2/27/07

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    I'm a breeder that just experienced the worst. MY baby
    of 27 years [a Mealy Amazon] died a few of weeks ago and
    I don't have to elaborate on that. I'm sure you understand
    the loss.

    I've been doing a lot of research and I'd like to find
    a Meyer's Parrot, out of the nest for my personal pet, or
    would consider a weaned baby, or even an older bird
    depending on the circumstance.

    I have had 25 years of hand feeding expierence. He or she
    will not be for breeding purpose, but to fill an empty cage
    and space in my heart.
    I'm in the N.E. PA. and near the lower Upstate NY area. If
    you know of any breeders in my area, could you put me in
    touch with them?
    I thought I had one, but the breeder already had them sold.
    When we first contacted her she told us that she had the
    two babies, but they were promised to someone else who has
    a pet shop in another state, and that was fine with me and
    I just asked her to put me on her list for the next clutch.

    The friend of mine who is the one who knows her and put me
    in contact with her told her that I wasn't looking to
    resell the baby and that it was going to be my personal pet
    until the day he or she died. [Also explaining I just lost
    my Amazon that I had for 27 years]

    But she said it wouldn't be right to promise them to
    someone else and then change her mind, and I agree 100%.

    As far as I was concerned the matter was settled and I was
    looking forward to the next clutch if I did not find
    something else in the meantime. At no time did I believe
    that one of those babies were going to be mine once she
    told me they were promised to someone else.

    That was last week.. This week she contacted my friend and
    told her that she decided to keep the one back for me, but
    that I would have to pay the weaned out price which is
    double. I told her that I'd be willing to wait until he/she
    is weaned out and I'd pay that price then.

    She doesn't hand feed and most of her sales are out of the
    nest [at least that is what I've been told] so she she
    isn't going to hand feed this baby. The woman who was
    originally going to buy him is in another state. So once
    it is weaned out, I'd be traveling to another state to pick
    him up. That wouldn't necesarrily be a problem except that
    I'm usually on a hand feeding schedule here at home that
    gives me a small window of time that I can be away.

    The bottom line was that I was given one price for out-of-
    the-nest and now the price has doubled.

    So, I'm still looking.


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