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Post: My Senegal

Posted by Stacie on 4/10/07

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    I adopted a Senegal from this woman who does rescue..She
    said he's about 6 and his name, Lucipher (horrible name)..
    anyway we've had him now for about 6 first he
    was mean and biting everyone but with time "Lou Lou" is now
    allowing me to hold him, he no longer bites my fingers, he
    even takes a shower without acting like someone is killing
    him! He hates my boyfriend but loves me very my
    question, how do I get him to talk?? The second day we had
    him he did say a few things "hello" something that sounded
    like "let me out" and "how you doing".. but now he says
    nothing. He seems to be enjoying life now and is
    blossoming into a very fine bird.

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