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Re: redbelly bird

Posted by April on 4/18/07
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    I bought a Senegal Parrot a couple of days ago that was
    parent raised. He bit the crap out of me for the first day
    but I didn't give up. I made him get on my hand and I
    wrapped him in my shirt with his head sticking out so he
    couldn't bite me. I sat there and talked sweet to him and I
    lightly blew in his face and ruffled his feathers. It took
    him about 24 hours to get used to me and now I'm kissing him
    and feeding him from my hand. You could try some of these
    things. They worked for me but then again I might just be
    lucky. I hope this helps!!! Don't lose hope!!!

    On 4/15/07, Jacinta wrote:
    > hello I bought a redbelly parrot last month. He is biting
    > mw alot. I love him but don't konw what to do.
    > thanks.