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Re: Red Bellied or Senegal?

Posted by Sheila on 6/21/07
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    Hi Krista,
    I've never posted on this board, but have decided to since
    no one has replied to your question. I have just recently
    gotten a red bellied (a week now); it's suppose to be a male
    and I'm really liking him. He's suppose to be about six
    months old. I traded in a male blue-headed pionus whom I
    had had for two years and he never really seemed to warm up
    to me. From day one (he was about 3 months old) he never
    liked being touched and once he was older, no one could
    touch him on his cage - very territorial! He also was
    a "perch potato" - hardly ever played with toys or got on
    the play gym. The red bellied is a much better pet as I can
    hold him, pet him, scratch him, etc. He's already checked
    out the play gym and chewed on toys. He has not "squawked"
    yet like the pionus did (you could hear him outside the
    house!), just a few shrill tweets. He does "bite" when
    perching on my finger, but it's nothing that hurts - my
    pionus brought blood! The red bellied could become more
    aggressive as he gets older, especially if he is a male. I
    chose the red-bellied over the senegal because of the
    coloring of the males and red-bellied are suppose to be the
    best talkers of the poicephalus breed. Now that all said,
    he could still turn out to be a female and may never talk -
    that's the chance you take when choosing a parrot!


    On 6/16/07, Krista wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I'm undecided between these two birds. Can anyone who has
    > either or both, tell me their good and bad points?
    > Krista