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Re: Red Bellied or Senegal?

Posted by Wanda on 6/23/07
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    On 6/16/07, Krista wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I'm undecided between these two birds. Can anyone who has
    > either or both, tell me their good and bad points?
    > Krista


    From everything that I have read, the two birds are similar
    in temperment. I have been researching the subject for over
    a year now. I purchased a male Red Belly back at the end of
    April. I should be getting him soon ,as he should be weaned
    by the middle of July. This will be my first! I've read that
    Red Bellies are quiet, playful, great talkers, sometimes
    nippy, and that they sometimes go through a fright stage.
    Also, never chase your bird. Let me know when you decide.