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Re: Red Bellied or Senegal?

Posted by Deb on 6/29/07
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    On 6/16/07, Krista wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I'm undecided between these two birds. Can anyone who has
    > either or both, tell me their good and bad points?
    > Krista

    Hi Krista, I have a Senegal, Zoey, that I just love. The only
    bad thing that I can say about her is that she loves me and
    only me, and God help anyone else. One night I was sitting on
    the floor with the dog and my husband was sitting in a chair
    reading the paper. The dog and I were close to Zoey's cage
    and my husband was about 10 feet from us. That silly bird
    went down the side of her cage like a fireman on a pole.
    Waddled around the dog and I, and headed toward my husband. I
    have to admit that I had a grin on my face when she ended up
    at one of his toes and latched on. She did this for no reason
    other than he was in the room. Now like what I said
    she loves me. I can hold her, pet, cuddle, kiss and do what
    ever I want. She will even roll down the front of my shirt,
    flip upside down on my hand, and take a nap on my arm when
    I'm reading. She never, never, acts nasty to me. I
    just love her to death. She makes me laugh with the sounds
    she copies and saying "hi-hi" when I walk in the room. I
    enjoy the beautiful green and orange colors of her feathers.
    And those eyes! She has yellow eyes that watch everything.
    Her and I have connected and I am very happy. I'm an at home
    Mom who has older kids now, and Zoey is my 3 year old that
    will never grow up.