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Re: How do I prepare a cage for my baby parrot

Posted by karen on 6/30/07
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    On 6/29/07, Wanda wrote:
    > Hello Everyone,
    > I will be getting a baby Red Bellied Parrot in the middle
    > of July. I have purchased a cage, and I need to know how
    > to prepare it for my bird. There are all kinds of perches.
    > How many toys should I put in there at one time? Should I
    > get a drip water bottle? Do I need a cuttle bone in there?
    > Also, how many perches should I have in there at one time?
    > Thank you in advance for your responses. Oh! My baby's
    > name is Destin.
    > Wanda
    Hi Wanda

    the best vidios I know of are listed

    Positive Parrot Behavior, The Importance of Toys - V1, DVD
    -windy city parrot -chicago (local person, but good info. on
    new bird set up and care)

    Good Bird Inc. DVD Introduction to Training Part 1 - Parrot
    Behavior & Training by Barbara Heidenreich

    Captive Foraging DVD - Brand New!!! Help You Understand
    Parrot's Needs

    I have library of books & vidios & think these 3 are the
    -The water bottle is OK but you need a water dish also. The
    bottles ball can jam & all the water run out or not come out
    at all & birdy has no water! I had a conure that would
    stuff food around the ball and mess things up!
    Cage set up and placement is important and worth the time to
    research. Also get the biggest & best cage you can. Many
    people make the mistake of getting a too small cage & end up
    spending more $ less than a year later for a better one.
    Also remember to look into good food, not a seed diet.
    -no, I am not working for the store but they have a good
    stock & the first vidio is not widely sold.
    congrad. on you baby! Best of luck!