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Re: Red Belly Behavior

Posted by Sheila on 7/20/07
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    I allow my male red bellied on my shoulder - I have no
    problem with it. He is really sweet right now, but this
    could change when he reaches maturity, so I might be sorry
    later! It's said that if they are higher than you they will
    feel that they have dominance over you and could be
    agressive if they don't get their way. While on my
    shoulder, Gizmo is not higher than me, but at the same
    level. I'm always careful though and I make sure my eye is
    out of reach! He seems to prefer my right shoulder. He's
    supposed to be about six months old and as I said earlier
    this might change when he reacher maturity, but for now I'm
    enjoying the closeness!