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Re: Red Belly Behavior

Posted by Sheila on 7/20/07
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    You know I can understand not allowing a macaw or an Amazon on
    your shoulder because they are a bigger bird, but red bellies
    are small and not such a threat. If you look at birds who are
    buddies, they sit together, at the same level, and preen each
    other. I hate to see you lose that closeness with your pet so
    soon...I don't know if it's from the shoulder issue or not. I
    recently rehomed a blue headed pionus who did not really like me
    from day one (but when I had him, he sat on my shoulder too, and
    was no problem there - he just hated me everywhere else!). I
    stuck it out for almost two years and finally decided to rehome
    him and try another type of parrot. He's actually happier where
    he is now and my red bellied is happier here with me. When
    Gizmo sits on my shoulder, I put on a thick scarf and one of
    those bird necklaces (for the human to wear) for him to chew on
    if he so desires. We sit at the computer, watch T.V., and just
    walk around the house. If you truly think he no longer "likes"
    you due to the shoulder siuation, then I think you should decide
    what's right for you and your pet, no matter what the "experts"
    say! :>