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Re: Red Belly Behavior

Posted by Sheila on 7/22/07
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    I'm not sure how often babies poop - how old is your's? Gizmo is
    supposed to be a little over six months and he doesn't poop every
    five minutes. I haven't actually timed it, but I bet he can go 10
    to 15 minutes, maybe more. I know he generally holds it at night as
    there is hardly ever any waste in his sleep cage and always a big
    blob of it in the morning in his day cage. I don't know anything
    about training a bird to hold its poop...but I've heard certain
    species can be taught to do this. It seems like the blue headed
    pionus I had pooped about every five minutes or so - that's one of
    the many reasons I went with a poicephalus breed, as I had read they
    hold it longer! Frequent pooping probably would have somthing to do
    with diet - I've noticed the more liquidy the food, the more
    frequent and runny the poop! : >