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Re: Red Belly Behavior

Posted by Sheila on 7/29/07
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    16 weeks, he is a baby! Glad to hear you won the shoulder battle...I
    admire your perseverance! Hopefully the poop control will come as he
    gets older; I've only had Gizmo for six weeks now, so I don't know how
    he was at 16 weeks. Yesterday and today when I was interacting with
    him, he held it for about 20 minutes or so! But he did something today
    that disappointed me - he lunged at and bit one of my teenage sons! It
    hurt his feelings more than his finger...he now says he's done with
    Gizmo! He doesn't spend the time with him that I do so I guess he's
    starting to show his preference for the one person - me! My other son
    had to show off and feed him a chow mein noodle, but of course he didn't
    try to pet him! I guess the point I'm trying to make is if you want to
    share this bird with someone else make sure they have daily interactions
    with him other than a quick hi and scratch on the head! Actually my
    husband and sons really don't care that much about the bird; we'll be
    back in school in a couple of weeks (I'm a teacher) and they'll be too
    busy to care. I have told them though, that since they get home before
    I do they will be letting him out of his cage everyday and keeping an
    eye on him until I get home. Maybe he'll warm up again to them then!
    Gizmo is now letting me know when it's time for him to go to bed - he
    flies off his day cage and heads to my bedroom where his night cage
    is...he likes his sleep!