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Re: Red Belly Behavior

Posted by Wanda on 8/06/07
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    On 7/29/07, Sheila wrote:
    > 16 weeks, he is a baby! Glad to hear you won the shoulder battle...I
    > admire your perseverance! Hopefully the poop control will come as he
    > gets older; I've only had Gizmo for six weeks now, so I don't know how
    > he was at 16 weeks. Yesterday and today when I was interacting with
    > him, he held it for about 20 minutes or so! But he did something today
    > that disappointed me - he lunged at and bit one of my teenage sons! It
    > hurt his feelings more than his finger...he now says he's done with
    > Gizmo! He doesn't spend the time with him that I do so I guess he's
    > starting to show his preference for the one person - me! My other son
    > had to show off and feed him a chow mein noodle, but of course he didn't
    > try to pet him! I guess the point I'm trying to make is if you want to
    > share this bird with someone else make sure they have daily interactions
    > with him other than a quick hi and scratch on the head! Actually my
    > husband and sons really don't care that much about the bird; we'll be
    > back in school in a couple of weeks (I'm a teacher) and they'll be too
    > busy to care. I have told them though, that since they get home before
    > I do they will be letting him out of his cage everyday and keeping an
    > eye on him until I get home. Maybe he'll warm up again to them then!
    > Gizmo is now letting me know when it's time for him to go to bed - he
    > flies off his day cage and heads to my bedroom where his night cage
    > is...he likes his sleep!
    > Sheila,
    > I am afraid that my bird is destined to be a one person bird since I
    live alone. I have clients that come to the house from Wed thru Sat, and
    they speak to him. I know this is not enough interaction to make him a
    social butterfly. My bird is sooo head strong, but I stay ahead of the
    game with him. I can't relax a minute with him. I am enjoying him. Does
    you bird talk? If so, when did he start talking. I'm sorry your son is
    distant with the bird. My bird bites as well, but I am not hurt because I
    knew it would happen eventually. I hope you enjoyed you summer. I am in
    college and was undecided about my major. I finally decided to major in
    education. I'll be in my 50's when I get my degree. I figured in this
    field, I won't have to worry about age discrimination. Also, I love little

    Take Care,