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Re: advice to add to - How do I rehome my bird?

Posted by mountainspun farm on 9/08/07
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    I am looking for a good and caring home for him. (insert
    >>>> price, name your location, supplies included?, etc)

    I recomend you ask to visit the home of folks who you have screened
    before promising bird to anyone... biggie here folks : do you
    smoke??? does anyone living there smoke?

    Smoking -2nd hand smoke will make your bird sick and maybe kill it.

    also ask for vet and parrot behaviorist refrences from folks you are
    thinking of selling bird to.

    ***go online or ask your bird vet to find parrot behaviorist and call
    them yourself for advice on a good home, most likely they can refer
    you to someone who has worked with "naughty birds" before who may
    take in your bird and find it a home for you after they rehab it.'''

    make sure you dont rush into this as your bird will get more screwed
    up if it goes to wrong home. then the cylce of a zillion homes and
    more emotional trauma and acting out gets worse for him.

    I love my little birds and yours too... i get bit by a couple of mine
    but keep long elbow lenth leather welder gloves on shelf by cage so
    when i handle them i dont get tore up.....

    please keep me posted (and all here im sure) as i would like to know
    your process and how its going.

    love from vermont.

    >>>> You basically wrote your own ad:
    >>>> I have a two year old senegal that I got as a baby. I've
    >>>> done everything I was told I should do to train him (or
    >>>> her--I never did a sex test) well to be a good bird, but
    >>>> over the last year he's become incredibly aggressive
    >>>> towards me, and as a result everyone else in the family is
    >>>> afraid to handle him. Thus the only time he gets taken out
    >>>> of his cage to be played with, he bites me (and draws lots
    >>>> of blood--not a joking kind of bite) and so gets put right
    >>>> back. I don't think this is a good situation for him, and
    >>>> I'm sure he must be lonely and frustrated about something,
    >>>> but I can't deal with it anymore.
    >>>> >>>> There's your ad.
    >>> I am looking for a good and caring home for him. (insert
    >>>> price, name your location, supplies included?, etc)

    >>> Thanks, Cheryl! Is there a particularly good place to post it? I
    >>> mean somewhere on line, or in the newspaper, or at the vets? Is
    >>> there a section of this board devoted to adoptions? (All I see
    >>> is rescue and this isn't a rescue, unless you want to count
    >>> rescuing me and my left hand!)
    >>> Shawna
    >> Shawna there is a classified section right here on Birdmart.
    >> Look at the top of the page and click on Classifieds.
    >> You can also go to Up at Six and register and post there. That
    >> is a very active board for buying and selling.
    >> Keep in mind that you need to say if you are willing to ship the
    >> bird or not and by the sounds of it, I would say you're not
    >> familiar with the process.
    >> State that it is a local adoption and name your location.
    >> Also a local newspaper or vets office would be a good idea, too.
    > Thanks so much, Cheryl. I'll do that right away. No, I'm not
    > familiar with the process--this is my first bird over parakeet size
    > and I've found the difference between parakeets and parrots is the
    > same as the difference between pumpernickle and pumps!