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Post: Poicephalus photo needed...

Posted by Bob Reap ( on 8/20/07

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    Hi folks - as you may have noticed, I am redoing the
    Homepage on Birdmart, and I ran into a problem - I can't
    get my hands on a good photo of a poicephalus. I ended up
    putting a picture of an eclectus as the icon for this
    chatboard, and that ain't right!

    I'm hoping someone here has a crisp, clear photo of a
    poicephalus they would be willing to allow us to use as
    the icon for this chatboard. I can't pay you for it, but
    you would be able to see your baby every time you came to
    the site.

    Remember, the pic needs to be well-lit and clear enough to
    be resized (which degrades the quality). If you'd like to
    allow us to use your photo (it must be yours - you must
    have the copyright!) then email me at this address (remove
    the spaces and replace the AT with the @ sign - they are
    in there to confound spammers):

    webmaster AT

    *be sure to include the word "bird pic" in the subject
    line!!! Otherwise, the spam filter will trash the email.

    Thank you for supporting, your poicephalus

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