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Re: red bellied parrot

Posted by Joy on 10/16/07
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    On 9/01/07, Wanda wrote:
    > On 9/01/07, Wanda wrote:
    >> On 8/27/07, terry wrote:
    >>> Do red bellied parrots have good talking ability? If any of
    >>> you red bellied parents have one that talk, how large a
    >>> vocab. and what sex and how old?
    > Terry,
    > I have a Red Belly that I received in July. He is very
    > affectionate, but extremely head strong. He chirps
    > continuously while he is on my shoulder. He pretends to be
    > falling from his perch realizing that he gets my attention. He
    > is potty trained which was fairly easy to do. He does bite me
    > occationally, but I make sure I give him the distant treatment
    > when he does bite. He winks at me which I adore this is his
    > way of saying I love you.

    I have a female red belly, Lucy, that I got last November, she
    started talking when she was about 8 months old. Her first word
    was peek a boo, as that was a game we play and I was shocked when
    I heard her say it! I wasn't trying to teach her to talk at all,
    so it was a very pleasent surprise. Peek a boo is very clear, she
    also says good girl & hello which are not as clear. She is very
    smart and when I say hello she puts her foot up and says either
    hello or peek a boo! The words she says are the ones that I say
    in a sing song voice and that does seem to get her attention. She
    always says good girl when she does a trick, when I cover my face
    and she says peek a boo I uncover and say good girl! She is a
    doll and the only trouble I have with her is when it's time to go
    to bed, she will be sitting on my lap going to sleep and clicking
    her beak and as soon as I move to put her to bed she puts her
    head down so I can't get to her feet to step up! This is the time
    she will bite me so I have to be creative to distract her so she
    will go to bed!! Sometimes when she doesn't want to do what I
    want her to do, such as go in her cage when I have to leave she
    will nip at me and then says good girl! She is a character and I
    adore her!