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Re: red bellied parrot

Posted by Wanda on 9/01/07
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    On 9/01/07, Wanda wrote:
    > On 8/27/07, terry wrote:
    >> Do red bellied parrots have good talking ability? If any of
    >> you red bellied parents have one that talk, how large a
    >> vocab. and what sex and how old?

    I have a Red Belly that I received in July. He is very
    affectionate, but extremely head strong. He chirps
    continuously while he is on my shoulder. He pretends to be
    falling from his perch realizing that he gets my attention. He
    is potty trained which was fairly easy to do. He does bite me
    occationally, but I make sure I give him the distant treatment
    when he does bite. He winks at me which I adore this is his
    way of saying I love you.