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Post: poicephalus

Posted by Aida on 11/27/07

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    Hi everyone

    I was hoping that someone could tell me the differences in
    size and personality between the Brown Head, Meyer's,
    Senegal, Red Bellied, and Lessor Jardine. I have a baby girl
    Meyer's as a pet, and so far she is such a gentle and funny
    bird. I'm interested to know how the personality of each of
    the poicephalus species might change as they mature, which
    ones stay gentle and which ones might be more prone to
    biting etc. Also, just in general, which ones are more
    people-oriented and which might be more reserved, which
    might be more skittish etc. Of course each bird's
    personality differs, and how they were raised and are
    handled plays a major role, but I'm just trying to find out
    the "species specifics."

    Many thanks,

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