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Re: female eclectus verses male eclectus

Posted by Cody LaComb on 3/03/08
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    On 12/12/07, Diane wrote:
    > I am considering getting an eclectus female but have heard
    > that they do not make good pets. Any feedback on this
    > would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for reading.

    On 3/3/08, Cody wrote:

    > Eclectus Females make wonderful pets aswell as the males.
    there is no reason that someone should put off a bird due to
    it being a female. I have a female Eclectus and she is
    sweet, and I love her to death. I am glad that I choose
    this bird over all the others. They DO make just as good of
    pets as the males. The only problem is that the females are
    prone to obesity if not cared for properly.

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