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Re: female eclectus verses male eclectus

Posted by Jean G. on 3/04/08
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    I would add that a major decision for me in the male vs. female
    Ekkie debate is that many Ekkies tend to get hormonal past age
    5. With males this is lots of horniness and fixation towards
    things to mount or regurgitate on, and with females I've heard
    its about looking for places to 'nest' and defend, so you have
    to then keep them away from cupboards, pillows on the couch,
    drawers, off the floor, etc. But a big one is they are prone to
    getting eggbound. For me, that's scary. I have been on several
    eclectus lists for years now, and there are always a percentage
    of females who get eggbound over and over, have to have Lupron
    shots, even one who went through the controversial experience of
    getting 'spayed' after repeated life-threatening pregnancies. A
    horny male may be a bit of a pain, but he's not going to die
    over it. I have two males, and one is very hormonal and the
    other is not. I dearly love them both, it helps my hormonal male
    to get more exercise (he's fully flighted), get daily showers,
    and have THINGS TO DO to distract him and dissipate some of that

    Btw, out of my greys, Eclectus, Patagonian Conure and my two
    Poicephs, my favorite is my Lesser Jardine's. I love love love
    ekkies (and my greys! and my Patti!) but if I could have just
    one or two birds, they'd be Jardine's. I love Capes too and have
    interacted with one a lot, but I love the J's the most. And my
    Meyer's is a DOLL, but she thinks she can pick fights with all
    the bigger birds. My J doesn't do that.