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Re: Jardine - male or female

Posted by Jean G. on 3/04/08
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    I am going to say in my limited experience with Jardine's (I
    have a female and have known only a few others firsthand, but
    I'm going to include assessments from the other male/female
    pois I've known) I think the females stay sweeter. Mine is 9
    years old now and is such a love. She can bite hard if she is
    nervous, but I've learned how to read her pretty well and I
    rarely get bit anymore. She is the best bird, I hope I ALWAYS
    have her!

    The bird store I used to work with only raised one Jardine's,
    and he was a Lesser male...he was incredibly smart but a very
    hands-off bird, and bit A LOT. He finally went to a home where
    he didn't have to be cuddled and turned out very happy with
    that situation. I have another friend with a male Greater and
    he is a good guy that his owner loves, but in no way can she
    cuddle him or trust his beak like I can my female. My female
    is a shoulder bird, no way could my friend's Greater be
    allowed on a shoulder. If my female is nervous or mad, she
    grabs my shirt shoulder and shakes it up and down rather than
    bites me. She does this a lot, when I talk to one of my other
    birds, etc...she is letting me know she does not like what I'm
    doing, but that's it. Anymore, biting occurs when she is
    startled and I don't take the time to let her calm down before
    stepping her up. She is sensitive, but so are my Congo
    Greys...she's just so much more loving and less
    manipulative/moody than they are. She's a great talker too,
    but much of it is hard to understand...though it can be in
    context. She's VERY funny.