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Re: Feather Picking

Posted by debbie on 2/04/08
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    On 1/20/08, Wanda Lynah wrote:
    > My little red belly parrot has started to pick his
    > feathers as of yesterday (Sat). In no time, he has removed
    > his chest feathers, and he intends to remove everyone he
    > can reach. I am going to take him to the vet tomorrow to
    > rule out physiological problems. I am concerned because I
    > try to stimulate him with many cage toys. Also, I spend
    > time with him everyday. It seems as though he likes to
    > feather pick as a means of entertainment. He even does it
    > when he is sitting on my shoulder. His breeder told me it
    > could be due to molting. Does anyone out there who has
    > experience dealing with parrots have any advice? I was
    > advised to ignore this bad habbit. I find it very
    > difficult to do so. However, I am complying. Please help!
    > Oh, I have been advised to spray him daily.
    Our little female who is almost two started feather picking
    as well. For no apparent reason. We took her to the vet and
    without running any bloodwork we decided to try and treat
    herr conservatively with some vitamin supplements, give her
    more pellets (she really doesn't like them)bath her with
    this stuff called feather-in that we bought at the bird
    store. She has stopped picking.