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Re: Feather Picking

Posted by Todd Quinn on 2/20/08
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    On 2/20/08, Todd Quinn wrote:
    > On 1/20/08, Wanda Lynah wrote:
    >> My little red belly parrot has started to pick his
    >> feathers as of yesterday (Sat). In no time, he has removed
    >> his chest feathers, and he intends to remove everyone he
    >> can reach. I am going to take him to the vet tomorrow to
    >> rule out physiological problems. I am concerned because I
    >> try to stimulate him with many cage toys. Also, I spend
    >> time with him everyday. It seems as though he likes to
    >> feather pick as a means of entertainment. He even does it
    >> when he is sitting on my shoulder. His breeder told me it
    >> could be due to molting. Does anyone out there who has
    >> experience dealing with parrots have any advice? I was
    >> advised to ignore this bad habbit. I find it very
    >> difficult to do so. However, I am complying. Please help!
    >> Oh, I have been advised to spray him daily.
    >> "Hello" I may be able to help, My name is Todd and I,m a
    zoologist and have been working with and breeding birds for
    over forty years, please contact me. THANKS