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Re: What is a good pellet to feed an Eclectus?

Posted by Mary Lou on 8/05/08
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    On 5/22/08, rebecca wrote:
    > On 5/11/08, Tom / California wrote:
    >> I have read numerous posting all over the internet
    >> regarding feeding pellets to the Eclectus but I was
    >> wondering if one chooses to feed pellets to them 25&37; of
    >> the time. What is a good pellet to feed? Any
    >> recommendations?
    >> I have visited most Eclectus website including land of vos.
    > Try TOPs (totally organic pellets). They are the only pellet
    > recommended for eclectus. You might consider Volkman seed
    > also. They make a special seed mix for eclectus. It has also
    > been recommended for eclectus over the other types of seed
    > and pellets. Here is a link to a website dedicated to
    > eclectus that explains better than I can:
    > Hope this helps!
    > Rebecca

    try Harrisons my Ekies love it