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Post: scared senegal?

Posted by danielle on 9/05/04

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    hi i've been doing alot of research trying to decide
    between a senegal or a conure, i know ALOT of things really
    just depend on the individual personality of the bird and
    every bird is different...but with that said ; i really
    need some help trying to figure out which bird is the most
    adaptable to change, friendly, likes to just hang out,
    doesnt mind car-rides, traveling etc... (i used to have a
    cockatiel that loved to go camping, and to just go places
    with me, and my friends amazon loves to go on errands with
    her).i've read quite a few things that have said that
    senegals as they get older are prone to becoming more and
    more scared/ and that true? any of you with
    conures-do they get that way also? which is a more laid
    back bird? which is more independant? which is louder? (i
    dont mind noice- but my neighbors might--although with that
    said-- i have considered a goffin, and i KNOW that
    they are loud and way beyond loud compared to other
    birds..) last question..which bird would you recommend in
    your opinion a senegal or a conure? if you say conure--do
    you have a specific kind in mind? or any other breed of
    bird of bird? basically im looking for a bird that i can
    include in my everyday activities, and that would love to
    go places, and just hang out, just as much as i'd love to
    bring him.

    ..sorry for the long just trying to make the
    right choice. danielle

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