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Re: scared senegal?

Posted by Meg Bryant on 9/07/04
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    I will do my best to cover as many of your questions as I
    can, but you are right, the main difference is in how you
    raise the bird, and the individual birds personality. That
    being said, my family had a Gold-Capped Conure when I was
    little, and I currently have a Senegal.

    As far as being good for travel and adaptable, both species
    are about on par, this one varies according to a specific
    bird's personality.

    As far as Senegals being skiddish and one-person, here again,
    the individual birds personality plays a part. I think people
    over-react about a Senegal's skiddishness. As the previous
    poster noted, I run teh vscuum and my Senegal could care
    less, but he is afraid of large men. Conures are not
    skiddish, but can be VERY bold, in a bad way, and are mroe
    prone to getting in trouble. Also both birds that I had/have
    love everyone. The difference is that the conure was rougher,
    and tended to bite, where as my Sengal loves to be cuddled
    and will NOT bite hard.

    I would say beyond a shadow of a doubt that from my
    experience, Senegals are more laid back adn MUCH quieter (
    but there's exceptions to every rule). And to touch on your
    Goffin's comment, my family also owns a Goffin, and they are
    the quietest of the cockatoos, but any cockatoo is more vocal
    than most birds. However, if my hubby & I ever had our own
    place, we would have a Goffin hands DOWN!

    Lastly, I will give a a few other observations of my conure &
    Senegal that may help. The conure was more acrobatic and
    vocal, but that was the only difference. The down side was he
    wanted CONSTANT attention, and we eventually had to sell him
    to an only-bird family, because he wanted all the attention,
    all the time. So if you are thinking of getting another bird,
    or three later in life, think about that. Also, the conure
    was MUCH and I mean MUCH louder and could bite suddenly. As
    for my Senegal, my hubby and I both are gone from about 8-5,
    and he has no probs with that. He loves to be around us when
    we're home, whether its watching tv, playing on the computer,
    or giving him undivided attention, without being demanding.
    He gets along splendidly with our cockateil, and loves to be
    passed around like a potatoe when there are new people. The
    only thing is, it took him longer to get comfortable when we
    first bought him, about 2 weeks. But even for his vet visit,
    he was so good that the vet didn't have to towel him to trim
    his beak and nails.

    I apologize for the long post, but hope it helps. If you
    would like more info, please email me at