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Re: Watery Poop

Posted by Alison on 7/08/08
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    On 7/08/08, Marie wrote:
    > I am now the happy owner of a Senegal named Johnnie.
    > (Given to me by a co-worker who is moving) I dont have
    > much history on Johnnie.
    > He seems to be healthy and happy but his droppings are
    > much more watery than my Conure or Amazon's droppings. Is
    > this normal? He has a clean vent and eats well. No
    > puffing, dropping, or excessive sleeping.
    > Just wondering if any other Senegal owners can give me a
    > clue.
    > Thanks!
    > Marie
    Hello Marie,
    Bird droppings consist of urine (clear liquid), urates
    (white), and fecal matter (color dependent on diet). The
    fecal matter should be formed enough to be distinguishable
    and distinct. It should not be mixed together with the
    urates. Given that your bird is new to you, I would not be
    surprised if the droppings are a bit loose due to the stress
    of the move. If it is really mixed, then your bird may have
    a problem and warrants carefull observation. If the bird
    shows any other signs of illness, do not hesitate to get him
    to an avian vet. Don't worry about how much urine is in it,
    that can vary greatly from dropping to dropping. Watch the
    urates though, they should be white when fresh. They will
    turn yellow as they harden. If they are yellow when they are
    fresh, this can indicate a problem that requires veterinary
    intervention. I hope all works out well and it's just stress
    from the rehoming. -Alison-