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Re: Watery Poop Continued

Posted by Marie on 7/09/08
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    Thanks for your reply! I am very happy to have someone to talk
    to about this.

    I apologize in advance if this sounds disgusting...
    Johnnie's droppings are 60% clear liquid (urine, I guess) and
    40% grass green tube shaped poop. I do not see any urates at
    all. The newspaper in his cage is too wet for me to see
    anything else.

    He has been drinking quite a bit of water, but I am in CA and
    its been warm enough to warrent the extra water intake. I
    have also been giving him 2-3 grapes in his fruit treat bowl
    as I just discovered they are his favorite goodie to eat (I
    love to see him tear those grapes up!)

    I have been watching him very carefully and he really doesn't
    seem sick at all except for the droppings being different from
    my other 2 birdies. I know birds can hide their illnesses
    well. He has a hardy appetite, plays and squawks well, and
    has a nice set of glossy feathers.

    I will be sure to schedule a vet appointment just in case.
    Thanks again for your comments.

    <3 Marie @}>---