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Post: Meyer's In/Around CT

Posted by Foxy on 9/22/08

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    anyone know of meyer's breeders in/around Connecticut?

    im looking for a baby, preferably unweaned/out of nest to

    ive spent the last 13 yrs raising parrots and birds for
    other people, zoological parks and educational programs and
    my maxi pionus rexcue reacently passed. Now i feel would
    be the best time for me to add a new baby to my home and i
    realy want to raise a bird for ME this time.
    Ive met many parrots but theres something about the meyers
    that has always struck a huge chord...

    if you have/know of any close to CT (or could potentially
    arrange transport as i have limited transportation) please
    do let me know.

    again, im ideally looking for a baby out of nest or 2-3
    feedings a day.
    Im not interested in buying from a broker or a petstore and
    would prefer not to ship via airline.
    i work from home so my new baby will get lots ove time and
    trainging and love

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