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Re: Senegal parrot and dogs

Posted by brittany on 2/17/09
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    On 11/22/08, Leah wrote:
    > Does anyone have experience in bringing a baby Senegal
    > into a home with two dogs? I am buying this baby, and we
    > have a Bichon Frise and a miniature poodle. The poodle is
    > jealous of attention given to anyone but him. I'm hoping
    > someone can help me in handling this when the baby arrives.

    >i just brought a six month old senegal baby home and i have
    3 dogs and they all seem to be fine with her, i have a
    weiner dog and a chi, and also a husky/chow mix and none of
    them harm her at all, the only one who is a little jealous
    is our other bird wall-e but he's becoming intrested in her