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Re: Sexual Dimporhism in Eclectus Parrots

Posted by Brit on 6/07/09
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    On 3/20/09, Miriam Webster wrote:
    > On 3/19/09, Meghan wrote:
    >> Im doing a report on the sexual dimporhism of the Eclectus
    >> Parrot and Ive discovered there Is just one other parrot
    >> that is truely sexual dimporhic, The Red bellied parrot.
    >> does any body know why or can explain to me the
    >> significance of this. This is for better understanding for
    >> my paper. In addition how two correlates with each other..
    >> Thank you
    > Meghan, how old are you? Reason I ask is your spelling is
    > atrocious for someone who is doing a report on DIMORPHISM.
    > I would hope you would at least know how to spell the topic.
    > Many species of parrots are dimorphic; not just the two you
    > mentioned.

    It is the net for one and when people get in a hurry a typo i no
    big deal. You must be one of those people who ANALYZE everything?
    But Meghan,
    She is right there are many other species that are dimorphic,
    and many that are not!