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Post: Bird Sitter Needed

Posted by Donna on 6/22/09

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    I am owned by a 6 year old Meyers (I had her when she was
    5 months) and we adore her. She is treated like a queen.
    When we travel on vacation, my mother used to watch her at
    her house but she is getting too old now. I don’t want to
    leave her at a vet (been there-done that-never again) or a
    pet store. My friends and relatives are not familiar with
    taking care of parrots and I wouldn’t trust them (we all
    know how hard it really is).

    So, my goal is to find someone in my area that would “bird-
    sit” at their house when we travel that knows how to care
    for parrots, does not have cats, dogs, or more that one
    bird (because of diseases). She is a singly kept parrot
    and has no diseases. We would be willing to trade
    services – my husband and I will watch your parrot when
    you travel if you will take care of ours. Or, if you
    don’t have a parrot, we will happily pay for “bird-

    If you are familiar with Meyers parrots and live within 20
    miles of Glendale Heights, Illinois, you can e-mail me at



    Donna, Chris, and Twister

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