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Re: Moody Senegal

Posted by Beatrice on 1/29/11
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    On 6/15/10, Laura wrote:
    Honeydew may be getting broody (although she seems a bit young for that);
    when they go into egg-laying mode they can become hormonal & behave
    aggressively. She also has to be taught, ALWAYS without any physical
    punishment whatsoever, that when she bites , then she loses her privileges.
    When she bites, you need to not yell at her, but simply put her in cage & close
    door so she can't get out. Leave her there for about 45 minutes to an hour. Be
    consistent, do this EVERY time she bites & she'll eventually learn that biting is
    going to stop her fun & freedom. The worst thing you can do is get angry & yell.
    That's positive reinforcement. She WANTS a reaction is why she's biting; even if
    it's a negative reaction. Don't give her what she wants & eventually she'll stop.

    > Honeydew, my young Senegal (about 4-5 months) seems to be
    > developing a bit of moodiness. Usually, she enjoys sitting
    > on my chest, stomach, shoulder, or hand to accept caresses
    > and attention. However, on occasion, and seemingly without
    > provocation, she will lash out and bite hard enough to draw
    > blood on my lips or face. She does this most often to my
    > mother but also attacks me, my sister, and father, who are
    > her "favorite" people in the house. Is she just a moody
    > youth? Or is there some underlying cause I'm missing? Thank you.