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Re: meyers bird

Posted by birds by joe on 3/13/11
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    i hve been breeding meyers for a few years now and i can tell you
    they have the ability to talk... not as good as african greys or
    macaws but the can talk... my pet have a vocab. of about 15 words
    and most can be understood quite easily.... takes time and patience
    but not all birds will talk... i have a grey for 10 yrs and he never
    speaks a word... can copy almost evey sound in the house but no
    words to this day..... good luck

    > Wendi, does your Meyers bird talk yet? i have heard they do and
    > don't. Can you please let me know. Thanks
    > On 7/14/10, Wendi L wrote:
    >> I have a baby Meyers, he's now 7 months old. He's amazing! I
    > have a Senegal who is
    >> going to be 7 years old..and they get along great. The Meyers is
    > a bit smaller, but he
    >> makes up for it on feistyness. They are both incredible loving
    > babies. They love to
    >> cuddle and kiss with their humans. But they also love to have
    > their own alone time,
    >> and do their own things. African parrots are the best birds you
    > can get!
    >> .On 7/02/10, linda wrote:
    >>> How old is your meyers? Are they a pretty calm bird? Can you
    >>> share information how how the bird is. How would you compare
    >>> them to a Timneh or Solomon Eclectus. It would be really
    >>> appreciated. I am really confused on what bird to get. I hear
    >>> so many different things about these birds. Thanks ahead of
    >>> time
    >>> On 7/02/10, Tracie wrote:
    >>>> I have a hen that talks a little, her voice is pretty
    >>> squeky,
    >>>> but she clearly says hello and a few other phrases.
    >>>> On 6/26/10, linda wrote:
    >>>>> Can anyone tell me if they have heard a meyers talk? If so
    >>>>> how much? I have a breeder that is trying to sell me one
    >>>>> that they do and then I research the bird and and the
    >>>>> information I read say they don't. Please I need a honest
    >>>>> opinion. Thanks