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Re: meyers bird

Posted by Wendi L on 7/14/10
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    I have a baby Meyers, he's now 7 months old. He's amazing! I have a Senegal who is
    going to be 7 years old..and they get along great. The Meyers is a bit smaller, but he
    makes up for it on feistyness. They are both incredible loving babies. They love to
    cuddle and kiss with their humans. But they also love to have their own alone time,
    and do their own things. African parrots are the best birds you can get!

    .On 7/02/10, linda wrote:
    > How old is your meyers? Are they a pretty calm bird? Can you
    > share information how how the bird is. How would you compare
    > them to a Timneh or Solomon Eclectus. It would be really
    > appreciated. I am really confused on what bird to get. I hear
    > so many different things about these birds. Thanks ahead of
    > time
    > On 7/02/10, Tracie wrote:
    >> I have a hen that talks a little, her voice is pretty
    > squeky,
    >> but she clearly says hello and a few other phrases.
    >> On 6/26/10, linda wrote:
    >>> Can anyone tell me if they have heard a meyers talk? If so
    >>> how much? I have a breeder that is trying to sell me one
    >>> that they do and then I research the bird and and the
    >>> information I read say they don't. Please I need a honest
    >>> opinion. Thanks